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Dear Samantha,
Hi I’m now 16 but when i had sex for the first time i was like 14 and what I’m interested to know is this:
Is the first time I had sex when I lost my virginity? I didn’t see blood i would like to know why did that happen??
I had sex about 4-5 times after that but I never saw blood I’m interested to know why did this happen? So please can u give me some information about this?

Dear Alice,

Yes, the first time you had sex is when you lost your virginity. Bleeding the first time you have sex is normal, but it doesn’t always occur. The reason girls bleed the first time is because their hymens (thin membrane of skin found inside of the vagina) tear. Most girls are born with a hymen but this skin can tear partially or completely before you have sex from doing things like horseback riding or bike riding. It does not tear, only stretches, when you use a tampon.

When I was about 7, I was playing “the bumps” on a teeter totter (lifting your feet up and letting the teeter totter hit the ground first so the other person gets a little air and bumps back onto their seat), and I flew a little too high off of my seat and landed on the handle bar. It made me bleed a little out of my vagina, which was scary, but which I realized later tore my hymen. I didn’t bleed the first time I had sex either.

All the best,


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